My name is Katerina Nikolakopoulou, I am a psychologist located in Athens. I have studied, worked and lived in Amsterdam since 2010 and I have recently relocated my practice to Athens. I am specialized in sleep and a trainee in systemic psychotherapy. I have a BSc degree in Psychology from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece and a MSc in Cognitive Neuropsychology from the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam.

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With a strong experience in psychology, counseling, sleep therapy, and research I help people who are looking for professional support to deal with every-day psychological challenges.

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Sleep Therapy

Sleep disturbances are a major health concern. Three out of ten adults in western Europe are suffering from sleep related problems.

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Therapy Plan

What does sleep therapy involve?

Together, with the help of chronotherapy, light therapy, CBT-I, and relaxation techniques, we can find the optimal way to unravel the problem and create a feasible therapy plan.

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What is CBT-I?

CBT-I is an abbreviation for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia. It is also used for other sleep related disorders characterised by insomnia symptoms. It aims at changing negative or false perceptions and behaviors related to sleep.

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What is chronotherapy?

Chronotherapy comes from the Greek word chronos (χρόνος), which means “time” and it is a therapy based on the usage of our natural circadian rhythm. It aims to help people to regulate their sleep and create a healthy and efficient sleeping schedule using sleep diaries, bedtime restriction and other approaches according to the needs of the individual circadian clock and the type of the sleeping problem.

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Light Therapy

Why is light regulation important for sleep?

Light therapy aims at the proper regulation of light and dark during the day via the use of various interventions/tools (for example: specific schedules, light-therapy lights, special glasses and computer/phone screen filters), based on the problem, the individual preferences and lifestyle.

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Stress Management

How is stress linked to sleep disturbances?

Anxiety and sleep disorders have a strong reciprocal relationship. Anxiety can cause or worsen sleep problems and bad sleep quality can be the reason for elevated anxiety levels. This is because the regions of the brain related to stress have strong connections with the regions related to sleep.

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What do we do during psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a process, meaning that it is a treatment method characterized by a dynamic relationship between the psychologist and the client and by a variety of steps. The psychological process I am using is tailored to the personal life style and needs of the client.

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Seminars aim at raising sleep awareness and educating both health care professionals and individuals about sleep. Through interactive and informative workshops, I give practical advice on how people can improve their sleep and lower their stress levels. The seminars include an explanation on how sleep works in our brains and tips about how to sleep better and improve quality of life and therefore, productivity and well-being.

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Seminars for businesses

I help professional improve their performance and levels of satisfaction though workshops about sleep and good sleep hygiene.

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Seminars for psychologists

I provide health care professionals with all the appropriate tools and knowledge needed to help their clients overcome sleep difficulties.

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Therapy should always be based on a multidisciplinary approach in order to fulfill the requirements of the complexity of human problems and health. Here you can find the professionals I work with to ensure the best possible care.

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Office policy

Psychotherapy's sucess is based on a balanced, clear and honest relationship. Its important to be aware of your rights and obligations.

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Better sleep for a better life

Wondering how you can feel more rested and productive throughout the day? Want to lower your stress levels and focus on what matters most? Prioritising sleep can help you, but first you need to know how to do it. Join this informative and interactive workshop on the 19th of May!

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Seminar: Sleep therapy in practice

On the 13/10/2017 together with Dr H Hamburger we are giving a seminar about sleep and sleep therapy at de Schakel, Nijkerk for NVPA. During the seminar basic information will be presented about sleep functionality and importance. The main focus will be to inform psychologist on how they can help clients with sleep complains or disorders.

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Seminar: Sleep during pregnancy

Are you pregnant? Do you suffer from sleep problems like 78% of pregnant women? Then come and learn what you can do for a better night sleep during pregnancy.

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Seminar: Let's talk about sleep

The Network of Greek Psychologists of the Netherlands in cooperation with the Greek community of Amsterdam invite you to attend a presentation about sleep on the 20/11/2016. Dr. Hamburger, a well know neurologist and sleep specialist, founder of the Amsterdam Slaap Centrum in Boerhaave MC and president of the Netherlands Association of Sleep and Wake research and K. Nikolakopoulou, psychologist and sleep specialist will give a presentation about sleep!

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