What is CBT-I?

CBT-I is an abbreviation for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia. It is also used for other sleep related disorders characterised by insomnia symptoms. It aims at changing negative or false perceptions and behaviours related to sleep. Together we will identify the most relevant behaviours that negatively affect your sleep quality as well as obstacles that may hinder your efforts to change them. This means that you can focus your energy on changes that can improve your sleep quality.

This type of therapy can help you control worries and thought patterns that keep you awake at night by providing you with the appropriate tools to analyse and process those worries effectively. With CBT-I we will also work on finding and overcoming the underlying causes of your sleep problem.

How can CBT-I help me?

CBT-I is one of the most successful therapies for insomnia and is also used to treat other sleep-related disorders such as sleep apnoea, circadian rhythm disorders and sleep related movement disorders. If you have experienced sleep-related problems for a long period and you would like to avoid or decrease pharmacological assistance, this method can prove to be very effective. It has also been shown that the improvement of sleep quality can significantly help reduce negative psychological symptoms such as anxiety and depressive thoughts.