Psychotherapy is cooperation and its success is based on a balanced, clear and honest relationship. Its important to be aware of your rights and obligations. So please read the below written information.

Payment and cancelation policy

Appointment cancelation should always take place at least 24 hours prior to the appointment and during working days and hours (8:30-17:30). In case this is not done in time, the amount of a full session will be charged. In special occasions half of the session payment may be charged.

Cancelation can take place via telephone or sms at: 06-23603295 or via e-mail:

At the end of the month you will receive an invoice via e-mail. This invoice has to be paid within 14 days or receipt. If you are not able to make the payment within 14 days you need to communicate this to me in advance in writing. In case this is not done, a reminder for the payment will be sent by e-mail. By the second reminder you will receive extra charges for administration costs. If payment is not received after the third reminder, the procedure will be handled by a debt collection agency. This brings extra costs. Of course it is best to avoid such procedure.

Referral and complaints policy (in the Netherlands)

Sometimes it can be that there is a waiting list because of high demand or that a referral is needed. In the case of referral I am always in communication with other colleagues in order to find another available psychologist who can offer you the same quality of therapy.

In case you are unsatisfied with the therapy/sessions with the psychologist of the psychology practice Katerina Nikolakopoulou the complaints procedure is, as described by the NIP*, as follows: “If you are not satisfied with your psychologist it is advisable to first try talking to the psychologist herself and to try to find a solution together. Make it clear that you are not satisfied. Maybe then you can decide together that another psychologist would be more suitable. Through your family doctor, you can get a referral to another psychologist.” Using the search engine Find a psychologist of the NIP you can check whether a psychologist is registered as a NIP member, as a PSYCHOLOGIST NIP. 

“If you are dissatisfied with the professional activities of the psychologist and cannot find a solution together with please consider submitting a complaint.” 

Would you like to submit a complaint? “Then you have the possibility to send a complaint against a psychologist via the Board of Trustees of the NIP […] “.

On the NIP website you can find more information about the Code of Ethics and the complaints procedure of the NIP.

*NIP: Netherlands Instituut van Psychologen, the professional association for psychologists and the interest of psychologists and clients of psychologists in the Netherlands